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[stm_staff_container layout=”grid”][stm_staff name=”Daddy OSANGO” image_size=”257×183″ job=”Chairman and CEO” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” email=”” phone=”+243 811 684 035″ skype=”#” image=”1671″ full_description=”From a young age, Daddy Osango learned the value of integrity, consistency, positivity, and hard work, and has focused on these traits ever since. Whether it was during his years as a teenage paperboy or seller in shops, helping people solve their challenges has been his priority and key to success. For two decades with Select Resources, Daddy has put his problem-solving, leadership, creative, and productivity skills to work in creating the vision and overseeing strategy and operations for the organization.”][stm_staff name=”Samy TSHOMBE” image_size=”257×183″ job=”Deputy Chairman” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” image=”1671″ full_description=”Samy has spent his professional life constantly growing and learning at every step, amassing a list of experiences that culminated in becoming General Manager of SOCOGIE SARL. With a distinct ability to put himself in the place of others and understand their ambitions, Samy has been able to make excellent decisions that result in a win-win scenario for everyone involved.”][/stm_staff_container]